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Limited Insertion

Dec 15, 2017

Happy Friday folks! Let's talk about things we forget and how not to. Also, it's ok to be a coward sometimes! Have a good weekend everybody.

Dec 9, 2017

Happy Friday everybody, it's time to talk corner cases, order of operations and a brief overview of the ITS Mission - Supplies. Have a good weekend.

Dec 1, 2017

Hey everyone, back with another episode to bring in the weekend and the last month of the year. We'll be taking a look at one of my favorite fire teams - The Wu Ming Assault Corps! Cheers, and have a good weekend everyone. 

Nov 24, 2017

Happy Black Friday folks, it's time to talk hacking again with some pluses and upgrades. Have a great weekend. 

Nov 10, 2017

Hey folks, it's Friday! Taking a break from hacking this week to dive into one of my new favorite ITS missions - Acquisition! Have a good weekend everyone.